Qualityinspector „Audio“

This tool is based on „compute corrected bitrate“ of AudioExpert.

If you only want to check the quality of your files, without having the need of the organizing-features provided by AudioExpert, then this is the best choice.

It offers more detailled options and a deeper analysis, so that you have the full control.


Problems installing on macOS? See tutorial on youtube

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Version 5.4 is now available
  • New option „Hide treeview“ for those users who want to see always all files in the list (settings dialog, tab „display options“)
  • „Clear database database on startup“ works again
  • Sporadic error „Uncaught exception occured“ fixed
  • Wrong versionnumber in the ARM version fixed



Version 5.3 contains an important bugfix:

When using the „userdefined tagging action“, all metadata (tags, embedded images) of the selected files (except the modified tag) were removed. 

New column „bps“

The tag „bpm“ is imported and can be edited manually



Version 5.2 comes with a bunch of new features and fixes

Tagging feature is back!

You can edit the columns for Artist, Album, Title, Comment etc. in the listview.
In addition, the userdefined actions (see settings dialog) support modifying tags for selected files in many ways, e.g.

  • tag:set comment FAKE $realbitrate kbps 

    This will overwrite the comment tag with sth like: ‚FAKE 128 kbps‘

  • tag:prepend comment FAKE 

    This will put the text ‚FAKE‘ in front of any existing comment (space will be added automatically if necessary)

  • tag:append comment FAKE 

    This will add the text ‚FAKE‘ to any existing comment (space will be added automatically)

Vendor string

For mpeg/flac/ogg files, the new column ‚vendor‘ will be filled -> This will show the used encoder name. However, since this value can be changed easily manually, this is only a ‚friendly indicator‘

(Requires to rescan the files)


The columns for the calculated replaygain (track/album gain) are also back! (Requires to rescan the files)
However, there is no way to calculate the gain values from within this app.

Picturecount & Coverart

A new column ‚picturecount‘ is available and will show the number of embedded images. (Requires to rescan the files)

New Option ‚Show coverart‘ (settings dialog) will show the embedded pictures and allows adding, removing and reordering images.
When selecting multiple files in the listview, coverart will be added or removed to/from all selected files.

You can choose whether to show the coverarts in a docked sidebar or in an undocked, standalone window.

Channelmode & vbr

The values for ‚channelmode‘ and ‚vbr‘ for mpeg files will be calculated properly again (Requires to rescan the files)

Renaming files

The column ‚filename‘ is editable and will rename the file if changed.
Moving to a different folder is not supported, therefore the column ‚filename & path‘ is readonly.

Disable player

New option to disable & hide the player panel

Swap hotkeys for delete / remove from database

You can swap the shortcuts (Cmd+Delete / Cmd+Shift+Delete) in the settings dialog 

Replacing files using drag & drop

The settings dialog offers a new option to allow replacing single files using drag&drop.

When activated, you can drag a file onto an existing one in the listview. The new file will be renamed accordingly and if untagged, the tags from the old file will be applied.

User defined actions

Executing an external application like mp3tag on windows did not work, bug is fixed.

Restoring position of form after restart

If the app was placed on a 2nd monitor on the left side of the main monitor, restoring the form did not work properly. 



Version 5.1 contains some smaller enhancements and bugfixes

  • Importing files with UNC-path (such as \\server\path\somefile.mp3) is supported
  • Drag&Drop of files to the Tree works
  • Last activated sortcolumn is restored after closing the app
  • Last position of popup windows is stored
  • Restoring last opened folders after import / rescan
  • Option (see settings > display) to show the number fo files in a directory. However it’s currently added simply in brackes after the folderame, a separate column as in the 32 bits version is currently not possible
  • Fixed application losing the focus after displaying a dialog-form




  • Version 5.0 now supports MacOS 14.0 Sonoma
  • 64-Bit Version for Windows is available


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